Dad’s Guidance Whisky


Inspired by whiskey culture and motivated by a deep concept of family and friendship, Jason Ridgel founded Guidance Whiskey in October of 2018. For Ridgel and his team, the word ‘Guidance’ just made sense. It represents all those that came before and those that helped along the way. Guidance can also represent a journey or direction. He made a promise to his family back at home in Alabama to always pursue greatness. So aged for 2 years, this premium adult beverage was introduced, distilled in Iowa in a small batch and housed in Nashville, TN. And as an American whiskey careful blend of corn and rye with a touch of malted barley, it accomplishes a smooth intense finish. You can’t miss the burnt caramel from smoked barrels that lead to the Moschino cherry and/or vanilla based on your palette. Guidance Whiskey can be purchased in stores in Tennessee and Georgia, and is available in 44 other states from



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