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Baby’s First Ride – this is who we are…

The first time this idea came to my ear was from an employee about ten years ago who thought it would be nice to give mom’s a pampered ride home. The notion then was about a ride almost like a getaway car for the newly married. From then to now I have wrestled with the concept, pitched various aspect to too many people and in the process came to understand the idea better. The ride was merely a metaphor for what I call four primary colors of community these are: celebrating, supporting, advocating and collaborating. So, the question becomes how do we bring these primary colors together to create something special for mom, dad the immediate and extended family and the community. As we sought to answer this question what we now introduce to you as “baby’s first ride” came into view.

As we got a better handle on the concept, it became clear that we needed to build a platform that would support this idea. And so over the last two years and many hours our research we have developed the initial platform that would allow this concept to express itself. So, welcome to “baby’s first ride “website/platform. Whether you are a first time mom, a new dad in waiting, a hospital provider or some community partner like a church or a natality specialist, allow us to quickly say what we are about and hopefully frame you view of our effort to be of help, both to the immediate family and the community as a whole.

By way of introduction we will review with you or Purpose, Vision and Mission Statements. We believe that these three taken together will define for us our conceptual space from which to project this unique idea that is “Baby’s First Ride”. So here we go…

Purpose: When you think of purpose, we think of answering the question “why”. Why does or why should “Baby’s First Ride “exist. Purpose is bigger than our mission because it will guide both our vision and our mission. For us the purpose has to be bigger than just operational, it speaks to the broader community need for us to invest this time and effort. So here is what we arrived at:

Purpose statement – to provide and support a mechanism that gives everyday people an avenue to improve their lives and the lives of those around them through celebration, support, advocacy, and collaboration.

Now, let tie this all together. We exist to celebrate life, to advocate for quality of life. To have families, community group and health service providers collaborate and support each other. The goal is to reveal the best possible expression of ourselves.

Vision: for us vision answers the question “what”. What should we look like if we are successful? What does success look like if someone were to look at this organization itself to determine if we had achieved our stated expected outcome. Our vision is what we want to look like if one came and sought to describe us. This is the end goal. The vision is what we are going to be when we grow up.

Vision Statement- Baby’s First Ride is a concierge support service committed promoting better natality experiences and health outcomes for moms/families everywhere through celebration, support, advocacy, and collaboration.

This effort will require multinational, multicultural, metarelational expression. It would mean balancing the concerns of hospitals, faith groups, activist. It would be tethered to conservative grounding with progressive leaning, but never partisan in its intent.

Mission: Our mission ties these two expressions together in answering the question how. How will we seek to live in line with this purpose and accomplish this lofty vision? How will we pursue this work? The purpose is our guard rails and the vision is the guiding star. The mission speaks to the work.

Mission Statement- to build a, multigenerational organization offering our services and products that promote the need to celebrate, support and care for each other.

The initial work of this mission is to build a platform that supports and promotes a better quality of life through celebrating, supporting, advocating, and collaborating. Those are our primary colors.  You should see handles for each of these in this site. With this site, we want to say we are here to give voice to some to support the voices of others.

This is who we are as Baby’s First Ride. We are here with you. We are here for you. Together, we can do this.

This is our Purpose

Purpose- is what drives us. I could be a simple intent to complete a simple act with or without regard for the consequences of it could be the overarching plan to accomplish some monumental out the spans cultures and generations. For BFR we want to impact cultures and generations.

In our first post we highlighted our three strategic statements Purpose, Vision and Mission. Over the next three post we want to delve into each of these statement individually and elicit your collaboration with us on this journey.

Purpose statement – to provide and support a mechanism that gives everyday people an avenue to improve their lives and the lives of those around them through celebration, support, advocacy, and collaboration.

So that is the statement. Lets break it down a bit. The mechanism for us is the organization that we are creating inclusive of the relationship and the online platform. Every day people is another way to say our focus is on you and me generally. Not some subgroup. There are many focusing on the underserved and they need the help, and we are also hear to help.

Too often just ordinary people are overlooked because the don’t fit into the wealthy who can fend for themselves or the underserved who are the focus of defined resources. We just wanted to say to the you-s and me-s of the world come and celebrate, come live a better life let’s support one another speak up for one another and work together.

This one is for us. Let is make celebration, support, advocacy and collaboration the primary colors of our lives and let’s be better for it. Let these help us to reveal the best possible expression of ourselves.

A vision to behold-

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